When do you need consulting services?

The consulting services offered by your accounting expert take places at the Contabiz headquarters in Bucharest, using all the documentation you provided. Over the course of 1 hour of consulting we’ll go over any financial or fiscal case, for both juridic persons but also private individuals.

Your accounting expert is ready to offer you solutions pertaining to:

  • Fiscal Legislation
  • Fiscal Administration Legislation
  • Customs Legislation
  • Commercial Rights
  • Financial/Fiscal Rights
  • Financial Administration
  • Company Accounting

At the end of the consulting session, you’ll receive the meeting notes on your email, with all identified financial, fiscal and legal solutions included so that you benefit from our experience of over 25 years.

Why choose us?

Details about the Contabiz team's competencies

Accounting Experts

  • Financial and Fiscal Cases

HR Managers

  • Application of Labor Code norms

We collaborate with...

  • Lawyers, Legal Lawyers and more

C.E.C.C.A.R. Members

  • Authorized and Advised opinions

International Standards

  • I.A.S. and I.F.R.S. norms application

Registered Sole Traders

  • Registered Sole Trader consulting

M.B.A. Certifications

  • Business management

Double Taxation

  • International Fiscal treatments

Legal Persons

  • Company Consulting

What you need to know

Details about key processes

During the consulting meeting, based on the documentation you provided to the team, your accounting expert will answer all your questions and at the end of the meeting you will receive, via email, the summary, and the solutions we identified.

What you need to know?

Your accounting expert puts at your disposal the necessary know-how in order to solve any fiscal case, starting from:

  • Different category Taxes
  • VAT application regime
  • Fiscal declarations reporting

The service is for

Our consulting service is addressed to both legal persons and registered sole trades from Bucharest, Romania but also to non-resident individuals.

Your accounting expert will counsel you on financial matters, over the course of 1 hour at the end of which you’ll receive via mail the summary and the financial solutions we identified.

What you need to know?

The Contabiz Team will provide financial counsel about any financial case, like:

  • Obtaining bank credits and loans
  • Dealing with your company’s Key Performance Indicators
  • Opting between financial or operational leasing services
  • Obtaining the managerial reports of the company’s activity

The service’s target?

The financial consulting service is addressed to any legal persons, newly founded or existent.

Through our legal consulting service you will benefit from all the legal solutions applicable to the legal case identified by your accounting expert. At the end of the meeting, you will receive a summary via email.

What you need to know?

The legal counseling offered by your accounting expert provides you with solutions to the following:

  • Founding/Establishing your company
  • Possible company modifications
  • Various problems related to the company’s creditors and debitors
  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency procedures

The service’s target?

Our Legal Consulting service can be accessed by Romanian legal persons who wish to establish a company, to legal persons that already own a company but also to EU and Non-EU citizens that want to be represented in Romania, or to individuals that seek the services of a Tax Representative.

Useful Information

Additional details about accounting

Unique Declaration

The declarations for income obtained on Romanian territory or outside of it by Registered Sole Traders are realized through self-taxation, specifically through the application of taxable rates provided by the Fiscal Code for Income.

What do you need to know?

The unique declaration is specific to:

  • Registered Sole Traders from Romania for Income made from any source
  • Non-Resident Registered Sole Traders for Income obtained from Romania
  • Contributors to the Health and Pension Systems

How do you lodge the Unique Declaration?

  • Through the Virtual Private Space which was registered beforehand
  • Through the Electronic Declaration platform (e-guvernare.ro), on the basis of a Digital Certificate

Contabiz Expert Accounting

Construction Tax

The Construction Tax is obligatory for the following:

  • Romanian Legal Persons, with the exception of public institutions, associations, foundations and companies without legal presence
  • Foreign Legal Persons which undergo activities in a company established in Romania
  • Legal Persons with the Social Headquarters based in Romania, founded as per U.E. regulations

What you need to know?

The value of the construction present in the company’s wealth on the 31st of December 2017 consists of the accounting evidence value set in the debtor sold over which a 1% tax is applied after the following have been deducted:

  • The value of the building for which the Construction Tax is owed
  • The value of the reconstruction, modernization, consolidation or extension of the rented buildings, the administered buildings, in use or about to be switched to government property
  • The value of the agricultural constructions
  • The value of a construction outside Romania
  • The value of a construction owned by sport ventures

The calculation obligation and the declaration of the Construction Tax can be made until the 25th of May, with the tax payment being payable in 2 equal rates, on the 25th of May and on the 25th of September.