Our company was established in 1991, having a C.E.C.C.A.R. certification, accumulating experience during the run of over 250 contracts representing over 70% of the romanian economic activities.

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The Contabiz Team

Our company will offer you the best accounting services through the Contabiz team which is comprised of young and dynamic individuals seeking to solve your businesses’ problems as fast and efficiently as possible.


Contabiz puts at your disposal the best suited financial and legal experts which are prepared to offer you the best services your business needs.

Why partner with us?

9 reasons which will convince you about the competencies of the Contabiz team


Our services meet the highest accounting standards


We use the latest software when performing accounting operations


The best accounting services at optimal prices for your business


We have over 26 years of experience


Contabiz has a professional insurance package for clients


We use PDF, Mail, Cloud, Google Drive, WhatsApp, Skype, TeamViewer


C.E.C.C.A.R. and M.B.A. certification


Our partnership will be enforced by total confidentiality guaranteed through our contract


We are young, dynamic and modern, ready for any type of business

They chose to work with us

Details about our portfolio of clients

Over 271 clients, across 13 activity fields, classified as per C.A.E.N. Code, representing over 70% of the total types of economic activities in Romania.

Contabiz Client portfolio per CAEN Code

C Class

16 Contracts

Manufacturing Industry

F Class

61 Contracts


G Class

49 Contracts

Wholesale and Retail Trade; Car and Motorcycle Repairs

H Class

6 Contracts

Transport and Storage

I Class

7 Contracts

Hotels and Restaurants

J Class

18 Contracts

Information and Telecommunication

K Class

2 Contracts

Financial Intermediation and Insurance

L Class

20 Contracts

Real Estate

M Class

27 Contracts

Professional, Scientific and Technical Activities

N Class

22 Contracts

Administrative Services Activities and Support Services Activities

Q Class

12 Contracts

Health and Social Assistance

R Class

13 Contracts

Shows, Cultural and Recreative activities

S Class

2 Contracts

Other Service activities