A little HR help

The Contabiz Expert Accounting team puts at your disposal a series of HR specific documentation, all print ready, which cover a wide range of documents, such as Individual Work Contracts, Certificates, and others.

An employment contract can be drawn up after compiling a series of documents that will make up the personnel file of the employee, alongside the personal documentation of the latter.

Current legislation requires that the daily attendance sheet is present at the headquarters or work point where the employees are activating.

Having employees active within your company implies the drawing up of employee declarations throughout the length of their contract but also at the contract’s end.

With the minimum wage having been increased at the national level, the collective decision will allow the modification of all salaries through the Revisal portal.

Collectively, or individually, based on non-employee reasons, the process of firing an employee must follow the established legal basis and the drawing up of specific documents.

The disciplinary investigation process is a mid-term one and can be realized only on the Labor Code legal basis, by following the fundamental steps of the process.

Contabiz Expert Accounting

First Steps at TLI

The Contabiz team of experts puts at your disposal a series of print-ready documents which will help you in your first visits to the Territorial Labor Inspectorate. We have put together for you requests, empowerments, and TLI notifications and others.

After hiring your first employee, you will have to export an RVS file from the Revisal portal and write it to a CD which will be lodged at the TLI alongside the following:

  • Adresa de înaintare
  • Unique Identification Code
  • Empowerment Notice
  • Identity Card

In order to send the Revisal register in online format you will have to compile and lodge the following documents:

  • Forwarding Address
  • Unique Identification Code
  • Empowerment Notice
  • Identity Card

After lodging, you will receive the REGES online portal username and password, the portal through which you will be able to send the register in an online format.

Alături de documenția care conține Adresa de înaintare, CUI, CIF, Împuternicire si CI, vor mai trebui depuse și urmatoarele:

Alongside the Forwarding address, Unique Identification Code, Fiscal Identification Code, Empowerment Notice and Identity Card, you also have to lodge the following documents:

  • Individual Work Contract Termination Competency Delegation
  • Online Register Submission Delegation

Companies that draw up service contracts in order to complete and electronically send the employment register must also file an information notice to the TLI Registrature within 5 working days from the start of the contract, notice which must include the following information:

  • UIC for the company seeking Service Contractor
  • UIC of the Service Contractor company
  • Empowerment Notice
  • Identity Card

Any contract termination notices must be lodged within 5 working days from the service provider contract termination date.