What is an IMM Program?

I.M.M. programs are suited for all legal entities from the micro-enterprises category, small and medium enterprises with a maximum number of 250 employees, with a fiscal value of maximum 50.000.000 Euros or the value of all actives, respectively the company’s assets, with a limit of 43.000.000 Euros.

Contabiz Expert Accounting te ajuta sa aplici pentru Programe IMM

What you need to know?

The risks encountered by entrepreneurs in a startup business are the following:

  • Difficulties in obtaining capital
  • Limited resources from a technology point of view

The EU offers support regarding the economic and workforce development through various regional development programs with allocation of European funds as recommended by:

  • The European Commission
  • The European Bank of Investment
  • The European Fund of Investment

From an economic development point of view, there are 23.000.000 I.M.M. companies in Europe, companies which employ over 75.000.000 individuals, representing almost 100% of the total companies from EU space.

All you need to know about I.M.M. Programs

Details about steps, stages, eligibility and more
Contabiz Expert Accounting te ajuta sa aplici pentru Programe IMM

Step 1

I.M.M. Programs are carried out according to the implementation procedures, respectively as per the preparation, compilation and online registration guide of the business plan which will establish the aid scheme only in compliance with the eligibility criteria of the program


Step 2

Application for I.M.M. Programs must be achieved according to the eligible activities of the financing program and to the C.A.E.N. codes.

Step 3

The compiled business plan offers you the vision required by investments needed to obtain the financing, with the financing contract containing all the applicable regulations.

Eligibility Criterias

The minimum eligibility criteria contained in almost 100% of I.M.M. Programs are the following:

  • Activities eligible for the funding program
  • Setting strategic objectives* for the next 3 years
  • The number of work places created through the program
  • The number of work places created through the program for individuals with disabilities, graduates or unemployed persons
  • Purchasing new technological equipment
  • Share of investment in fixed assets and/or inventory items
  • The percentage of your own equity contribution
  • Date and Time of registration in the program

Sometimes, certain I.M.M. Programs stipulate additional requirements such as:

  • The company registered a profit in the previous fiscal year
  • You do not have an associate/shareholder position in another company

* Strategic Objectives

  • Fiscal Value
  • Company Profit
  • Number of Employees


  • < 9 employees
  • A business figure of < 2.000.000 € or
  • Total assets  < 2.000.000 €

Small Enterprise

  • < 49 employees
  • A business figure of < 10.000.000 € or
  • Total assets  < 10.000.000 €

Medium Enterprise

  • < 249 employees
  • A business figure of < 50.000.000 € or
  • Total assets  < 43.000.000 €

Useful I.M.M. Programs links

Everything about I.M.M. Programs in one place

The Contabiz team of experts puts at your disposal all direct link to active I.M.M. Programs. You will be directed to the Ministry for Business, Commerce and Entrepreneurship Environment portal where you can obtain details regarding the implementation and application procedures, eligibility and other valuable information.