Contabiz advised me from a legal and financial standpoint in order to help me establish my company and better understand the VAT application regimes thus enabling me to choose the best solution for my business. Currently, the accounting service related collaboration is successful due to the Contabiz team’s experience.

My restaurant’s work dynamic determined me to choose the accounting services offered by Contabiz. Having a team of modern accountants next to me enables me to have a granular control over my company, with Contabiz’s experts being really helpful in solving the problems caused by my restaurant’s activity.

As a foreign citizen, I adapted easily to Romania’s business environment and my company benefited from the best financial advice by having Contabiz as a partner, enabling me to develop over 15 real estate projects over our collaboration.

The financial intermediation domain, specifically the administration of financial markets (cryptocurrencies), was challenging for the establishment of a new type of business in Romania, but Contabiz helped me find the best financial paths for my company.

The Contabiz team helped me understand the financial aspects of my PFI, thus modernizing my business so that my relationship with my clients and suppliers is an efficient one.

In the medical field, the legislation and the financial regulations are ever-changing, and for entrepreneurs is very difficult to stay up to date but, alongside Contabiz, your business is safe.